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Visiting the Cathedral

Visiting the Cathedral

Pilgrims and visitors have made their way to Canterbury Cathedral since the Middle Ages. It remains one of the most visited places in the country, and, just as importantly, a working, living church and community. Visitors have always been made welcome in the ancient tradition of Benedictine hospitality. We continue this tradition, warmly inviting you to share with us the beauty of one of the great holy places of Christendom.

Due to recent events in Manchester and the raising of the country’s security level to ‘Critical’, a bag search will now be carried out on all persons entering the Cathedral precincts. To keep delays to a minimum, please avoid bringing large bags or backpacks.

This is not in response to intelligence of any particular threat relating to Canterbury Cathedral, but we take the security of staff, volunteers, visitors and worshippers very seriously, and we hope this will help reassure all who come to the Cathedral.


image of the Cathedral
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