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Boy Choristers

The choristers of Canterbury Cathedral sing at services on six days a week, continuing a 1,400 year old tradition and making it one of the longest-established musical foundations in the world. Choristers live in the Choir House, an ancient and beautiful building, located immediately next to the Cathedral, and attend St Edmund’s School, where they enjoy an excellent and fulfilling academic, musical and all-round education supported by scholarships provided by the Cathedral. They also study two musical instruments and have weekly theory classes. When their time comes to move on from the choir, choristers regularly win scholarships to senior schools, either locally or further afield.

Choristers are involved in all the very special events which take place in the Cathedral and make recordings, broadcasts and concert appearances on a regular basis and also travel overseas. Dr Flood is always delighted to meet parents and their sons to explain the unique experience of a choristership and to discover and develop exciting new talent. Formal voice trials are held each year in November when five or six new choristers are chosen to replace those who leave. For further information email

Voice Trials for the Cathedral Choir will be held in 2020, applications are very welcome at any time from parents of boys in school years 2 and 3.

Find out more here, and see the life of a Cathedral Chorister in the video above.



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