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New Director of Music announced

New Director of Music announced

Following Dr David Flood’s retirement as Organist & Master of the Choristers in December 2020, we have been seeking a Director of Music for the Cathedral. This is a new and distinctive role responsible for implementing an ambitious vision for music at the centre of our Cathedral’s life and at the heart of its engagement with the world in the years to come.

We received over 45 applicants for this post, including people with backgrounds in Cathedral Music, Education, and secular Choral Conducting, many of whom were truly outstanding in their field.

The panel, made up of Cathedral representatives and two external experts (Ralph Allwood and Elie Gussman), reached a unanimous conclusion about the right person to lead this new and exciting chapter in the development of the Cathedral’s musical life: Dr David Newsholme.

Of David, Ralph Allwood said:

He combines just the right qualities of engagement with people, musicianship, teaching skills and vision for this challenging and highly rewarding post. He has already demonstrated, during lockdown, how not to get downhearted: quite the reverse. He is a great ideas person and has an amazing ability to inspire others to share his enthusiasm for participating in the outstanding musical work he leads.

and Elie Gussman said:

He brings the highest musical integrity and a deep commitment to working in the local community. His bold vision for music-making in the Cathedral signals a bright future for singing in Canterbury!

At Canterbury we have been blessed with David’s musical talents as an organist, choral director, and musical leader for many years. He founded the Cathedral’s Girls’ Choir in 2014 from scratch, and within 5 years had made it one of the most highly-regarded and best-known Cathedral-based ensembles nationally. Since January we have also benefited hugely from David’s leadership of the whole of the Cathedral’s music, as he has continued to develop the musicianship, repertoire, and structure of the Cathedral’s musical life.

We look forward to the fruition of the work he has already done to secure the Boys’ and Lay Clerks’ major public concert at the JAM Festival this summer, the recording of 16 new commissions, the arrival of our first year of early-career singers as Choral Scholars, and several projects that engage with leading professional musical ensembles and with the local community, and the many, many possibilities for our musical future that his outstanding musicianship, creative insight, and collaborative approach invites.

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