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Cathedral Girls’ Choir Sing in Lockdown

Assistant Organist and Director of the Girls’ Choir, David Newsholme, has put together a beautiful video of the Canterbury Cathedral Girls’ Choir, performing the upper voice version of John Rutter’s The Lord bless you and keep you.

Filmed during lockdown, the choir enjoyed making music together whilst reflecting on their lockdown existence. In doing so, they said they wanted to capture three things:

First and foremost, to make music, which is what we love and miss, and which is a great uniting force in so many lives. Second, we wanted to reflect on our lockdown existence and the extent to which our lives have been contracted at this time. Finally, we wanted to register a need to look beyond ourselves, in the hope that there might be better times to come.

John Rutter’s beautiful setting of this biblical text reminds us of the eternal presence of hope, of peace, and of love.

With special thanks to Catherine Futcher, Paul Barton-Hodges, Robin Tyson, and John Rutter. Edited by David Newsholme.

Music © Oxford University Press


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