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Public statement on Canterbury Cathedral’s staff consultation and restructure

Public statement on Canterbury Cathedral’s staff consultation and restructure

Following substantial loss of income as a result of the ongoing coronavirus crisis, Canterbury Cathedral is undertaking a formal staff consultation regarding restructuring. Like so many other organisations, we are facing a perfect storm of cumulative financial threats and must take action now to secure the Cathedral’s longer-term survival.

Despite halting all but essential spending and pursuing savings wherever possible, as our main source of expenditure, we must reduce staff costs and, ultimately, the number of people who work with us.

The Cathedral is entirely financially independent. It has received no income from visitors, events, our shop or hotel guests since March 2020, and it will be many months before these areas start to produce income for us, and even longer before that gets close to previous levels. In addition, our revenue from rental properties and other investments has been impacted since lockdown and will continue to be hard hit by the long-term impact of coronavirus on the wider economy.

This restructure will examine the whole organisation and will be conducted as quickly as practicable, so that we minimise the period of uncertainty for everyone. The consultation process will start in mid-June, and staff will be fully supported by the Cathedral throughout. Once the consultation process has completed, further details will be publicly announced.

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