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Build Your Own Cathedral

Build Your Own Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral Shop is excited to announce the launch of a very special build-your-own model of our Cathedral. With exquisite detailing, including all the well-known key features of its exterior, the nanoblocks building set has astonishingly been conceived and brought to life by sixteen-year-old entrepreneur, Josh Moir. Like all his creations, Josh has singlehandedly designed the sets; and with his dad James, co-created their company Microdesigns.

With help from Dad, Josh unveiled his first creation at the tender age of just thirteen: the very well-received microblocks model of their local landmark— Bath’s world-famous Roman Baths. Since then, the enterprising duo have been busy producing more reproductions of other celebrated sites of special historic interest, including Stonehenge and Edinburgh Castle.

This inspiring and unique product will be on sale in the Cathedral Shop in its brand new building from Friday 28th February at the modest price of only £20.00, and can also be purchased and shipped worldwide from the shop’s website. You can find out more about Josh and James’ creations on their website at, and follow their business on Instagram and Twitter (@microdesignz)

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