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A Prayer for Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

A Prayer for Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

Today we pray for the city of Paris after the devastating fire at Notre-Dame.

The Very Revd Dr. Robert Willis, Dean of Canterbury, said “Our hearts and minds are with the people of Paris and the whole of France in light of the unimaginably tragic fire at Cathédrale Notre-Dame De Paris.

“We pray for the whole Christian world who suffer this loss of such a significant holy place, as well as those who love the cathedral: all of whom will continue to be the heart, mind and soul of its community.”

Jim Morley, Chief Constable and Fire Manager at Canterbury Cathedral, said: “The safety of everyone at the Cathedral is always at the forefront of our minds and is under constant review.

“We work closely with the Fire Brigade and other emergency services to ensure they have safe access to deal with any issues, including exercises to remove the Cathedral’s priceless artefacts to safety.

“There are well-controlled procedures to check all external contractors and others on the construction areas.”

The Dean of Canterbury Cathedral’s prayer for the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

“May God bless and comfort all those who feel pain and sorrow following the fire at Notre Dame de Paris, Our Lady of Paris, and all those in France and throughout the world who look to this beloved place for encouragement in their own lives.

“Grant that the community of Notre Dame finds in the years to come that their present sadness is transformed into a sign of hope which may inspire new vision and creativity in those who witness it, just as Our Lady herself found her pain and sorrow at the Cross transformed into the glory of Resurrection and New Life in her Son Jesus Christ,

Prayers will be said throughout the day and Our Lady Undercroft chapel has been set aside for those who wish to pray or reflect on the sad scenes which unfolded yesterday in Paris. Cathedrals and churches across England will toll their bells for 7 minutes at 19.00hrs on Maundy Thursday.

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