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Daily mini-talks to provide an insight into the Cathedral’s rich history

Daily mini-talks to provide an insight into the Cathedral’s rich history

Our wonderful volunteers will be providing a daily insight into the Cathedral’s rich history, drawing on their expertise and vast knowledge, with a varied programme of new 15-minute talks which will be held at regular intervals for visitors, residents and members of the Cathedral community to enjoy.

Covering a wide variety of topics, from Thomas Becket to Graffiti, Modern Art Installations to Cathedral Cats, there really is something for everyone.

Meeting point for the talks is in the south aisle of the Nave at quarter past the hour, as below, Monday-Saturday or 13.00 and 13.30hrs on Sunday.

Wednesday 28 March

10:15 St. Gabriel’s Chapel

11:15 History of Cathedral

12:15 The Monks and the Chapter House

13:15 History in glass

14:15 Cathedral organs

15:15 Thomas Becket 2- Henry Plantagenet 1

Wednesday 3 April

10.15 Henry IV and his sons

11.15 St Gabriel’s Chapel

12.15 The story of Becket

13.15 How Noah went to Hollywood

15.15 The Great Cloister

Thursday 4 April

11.15 The Ancestor window

12.15 Mrs. Black Prince

13.15 Henry IV and the Black Prince

14.15 Treasures of the past

15.15 The story of Becket

Friday 5 April

11.15 Wonders of wax

12.15 The story of St. Eustace

13.15 Why Canterbury?

14.15 The oldest tomb

15.15 The Great Cloister

Saturday 6 April

10.15 Green Men

11.15 Henry IV and Dean Wootten

12.15 Beckets tomb and Grafitti in the Crypt

13.15 St. Anselms Chapel

14.15 The royal tombs

15.15 The Black Prince’s Achievements

Sunday 7 April

10.15 The Chapter House

11.15 Women in the Cathedral

12.15 The Miracle windows

13.15 The Monastery garden of Christchurch Priory

14.15 The Buffs Chapel- Simon Langton and Magna Carta

15.15 The Great Cloister

Sunday 8 April

13.00 The Black Prince

13.30 The Miracle windows

Monday 9 April

11.15 Women in the Cathedral

12.15 The Black Prince

13.15 The Great Cloister

14.15 Icons- Religious art

15.15 The Pulpitum screen

Tuesday 10 April

10.15 Henry IV and his sons

11.15 The Great Cloister

12.15 Setting the scene…

13.15 The story of Becket

14.15 St. Gabriel’s Chapel

15.15 The Black Prince and Shrine of Becket

Wednesday 11 April 

10.15 St. Gabriel’s Chapel

11.15 The Bossanyi windows

12.15 2 Henry’s and a Becket

13.15 Mrs. Black Prince

14.15 The lost Chantries of Canterbury Cathedral

15.15 Women in the Cathedral

Thursday 12 April

10.15 Wonders of wax

11.15 The Miracle windows

12.15 Jordan Fitz Eisulf, a family’s story

13.15 The 1382 tsunami and secret passage

14.15 King William II and Archbishop Anselm

15.15 Women in the Cathedral

Friday 13 April

10.15 The Stephen Cox sculptures

11.15 St. Gabriel’s Chapel

12.15 The North-East Transept

14.15 The Bible windows

15.15 To be a pilgrim…

Saturday 14 April

10.15 The story of St. Dunstan

11.15 The water tower

12.15 The Miracle windows

14.15 The Chapter House

15.15 The 1382 tsunami and secret passage

Sunday 15 April 

13.00 Archbishop Benson

13.30 The Ancestors of Christ windows


The mini-talks are free to attend but usual Precincts charges apply.



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