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Shining a light on the Black Prince’s Cap of Maintenance

Shining a light on the Black Prince’s Cap of Maintenance

A collaboration between four experts may well shine new light on the Black Prince’s Cap of Maintenance.

Lloyd de Beer (Ferguson Curator of Medieval Europe, British Museum), Yvette Fletcher (Head of Conservation, Leather Conservation Centre), Mary-Louise Sauerberg (Paintings Conservator) and Poppy Singer (Textile Conservator), combine forces in order to discover more about how the cap was made and its function as they look at ways to consolidate and conserve the cap to ensure its long term preservation and prepare it for future display.

In the short video below, you can take a look at some of the interesting ideas that emerged during their investigation and you’ll also get to see this delicate 14th Century cap in closer detail than ever before. The question is, will the team keep their findings under their hat?

Yvette Fletcher, Marie-Louise Sauerberg and Lloyd de Beer will all be speaking during the second day of our Black Prince conference along with the team behind the effigy analysis on Friday 17 November.

In the build up to the conference there will also be a free Young Futures Conference on Wednesday 15 November for 16-25 year olds.

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