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Discovery Week at the Cathedral

Discovery Week at the Cathedral

As the summer holidays hit full swing Canterbury Cathedral will be running a special Discovery Week for families to tie in with the Turner Contemporary’s Seeing Round Corners exhibition, where three rarely seen items from the Cathedral’s historic collections will be on display until 25 September 2016. Along with the return of the ever popular Young Explorer Backpacks, for 3-12 year olds, the Canterbury Journey team will be on hand to help youngsters bash coins, make badges, engineer pulley systems, craft kaleidoscopes and travel back in time in an interactive medieval story.

Starting on Monday 8 August you can discover the fascinating story of 12th Century moneyer Lambin Frese, who minted coins for the Cathedral. Learn about how the coins were made and have a go yourself before dressing up as a pilgrim and ‘spending’ your newly minted money in the medieval shop. But be warned, for there are severe punishments for those who try to cheat the King.

On Tuesday 9 August the team will encourage you to explore the Cathedral as you hunt down circles, spheres and discs before heading back to the marquee to press your own pin badge to show off your designs.

For the young engineers out there Wednesday 10 August will offer a chance to explore cogs, pulleys and giant hamster wheels as the team uncover a thousand years of ingenuity and reveal how simple machines were used to manoeuvre giant blocks of stone and help tell the time. Then you can try your hand at building your own pulley to take home with you.

From bright ideas to bright windows, Thursday 11 August is all about explosions of colour. Take a closer look at the dazzling stained glass windows as the summer sun bursts through a full spectrum of light, then use what you’ve seen as the inspiration for creating your own working kaleidoscope. If you’re really up for the challenge why not help the team as they attempt to build a giant kaleidoscope.

The week concludes on Friday 12 August with a chance to travel back to Medieval Britain and find out more about the miracles, ailments and cures that formed part of Cathedral life. With stories, songs and action rhymes taking place at 11.00 hrs, 13.00 hrs and 15.00 hrs, you’ll have lots to think about as you commemorate your day with your own custom badge design.

All activities throughout the week are included in the normal Precinct admission and will run between 10.00 hrs and 16.00 hrs.

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