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2016 Hop Hoodening Festival

2016 Hop Hoodening Festival

On Saturday 10 September the precincts of the Cathedral will be filled with Morris Men and country dancers as the yearly Hop Hoodening festival is celebrated.

The annual event has been held at the Cathedral nearly every year since 1957, and it is just as much fun to watch as it is to take part.

The celebrations start with a procession through the precincts into the Cathedral by the Hop Queen in a Hop Bower, followed by the country dancers and Morris Men. The procession is usually accompanied by two Hooden Horses. They are met at the door of the Cathedral by a member of Chapter and then proceed down into the Nave for a Service to bless the hops.

Following the Service there is a display of dancing in the precincts and a walking tour of the city.

This jovial and a colourful occasion celebrates Kent’s long and treasured history with the Hop.

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