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Patron’s Lunch

Patron’s Lunch


On Sunday 12 June 2016, The Mall in London was transformed to hold the biggest street party ever to celebrate the 90th birthday of Her Majesty The Queen and her patronage of over 600 charities and organisations. The Queen has been First Friend on the Roll of The Friends of Canterbury Cathedral since 1952.

It was an enthusiastic group of 18 Friends who joined 10,000 other charity volunteers and supporters on The Mall – and we were soon under torrential rain. We may have got wet but, after a while, how much wetter can you get?

We were having such a jolly time meeting each other and making new friends amongst the other charities that the weather didn’t matter. Especially as we all had a glass of Pimm’s and a posh picnic hamper to keep us going! Even so, it was marvellous when the sun came out at just the right time for chatting to the Royal family. We were delighted to be able to talk with the Duke of Wessex and let him know that Canterbury was there to support and thank The Queen.

The finale to our wonderful afternoon was when a group of 10 Friends and colleagues, who included Daisy Burton (Friends’ Office), Chris Crooks (Vesturer), Debbie Caton Crooks (Cathedral Shop), and Sandra Heyworth (Cathedral Lodge), joined in the Entertainment Parade.

The Patron’s Lunch was a terrific idea and the party of a lifetime. None of us who were there shall ever forget it. Happy Birthday Ma’am!

Caroline Plaisted


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