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A True Friend of Canterbury Cathedral

A True Friend of Canterbury Cathedral

On Monday 9 May Nick Lewis, put his Canterbury Cathedral “friendship” to the test when he began his fund-raising ride of more than 1,000 miles through France and Spain.

Nick left the Cathedral Precincts just after 9am with a blessing from the Dean and warm wishes from Cathedral staff.

Over the next three weeks Nick, Treasurer of the Friends of Canterbury Cathedral, is cycling along the pilgrim route between Canterbury and Santiago de Compostela in north-west Spain.

The 67-year-old’s aim is to raise £9,000 for the Friends of which he and his wife Kate have been members since 1986.

Before he left Nick explained:

The Friends celebrate 90 years next year and I thought this would be a fitting way to start off our anniversary celebrations. I cycle everywhere locally but this will be the furthest I have ridden in one go. The challenge will be pacing myself and keeping up my stamina. I have ridden 155 miles in one day previously but this will be different as it will be day in, day out for nearly three weeks and there is no doubt it will be a test for my muscles and stamina.

Fifty miles a day

The chartered accountant  has planned his route meticulously, aiming to cycle about five to six hours every day and averaging about 50 miles a day.

Nick is making the trip on his own and without back-up so will have to travel light and is planning a diet of bananas, cereal bars and plenty of water to keep him going during the day.
Riding an American titanium lightweight frame, Nick has opted to fit heavy duty tyres to try and keep punctures to a minimum.

If you would like to support Nick go to

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