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Work on The Great South Window continues

Work on The Great South Window continues

Work to The Great South Window is due to be completed this year (2016).

The new panels of clear glass, which will protect the stained glass against the elements, are being carefully installed by expert team of Conservators.

The final stones are being worked for the tracery at the window’s apex, and these are now being painstakingly installed as it is essential that they fit exactly into the window void.

Replacing a window of this magnitude is a considerable undertaking as each stone has to have the shape of its predecessor. But, as importantly, it must have built into it the distortions and deviations that have occurred over hundreds of years. Work is due to complete in the late summer/ autumn when the scaffolding will come down and the medieval glass will be seen once again in all its glory.

Meanwhile scaffolding has gone up on the north and east elevations of the South West Tower. Initially this will enable archaeologists, masons and conservators access to closely examine the masonry and the roof to establish fully the work that needs to be carried out should our Round 2 application to the Heritage Lottery Fund be approved later this year.

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