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Canterbury Cross

Canterbury Cross

A stone Canterbury Cross has been flown thousands of miles to take its place at a Cathedral in Tasmania.

The cross was flown to its Hobart destination by Qantas pilot, Graham Reeve, who travelled to Canterbury to pick up the special cargo when he was in the UK earlier this month.

Wallstones of a bronze Canterbury Cross mounted on stone from the Cathedral were sent to all Anglican cathedrals in the 1930s. Replacements, like the one for Hobart, have been made since and are now carved from the Caen stone removed from the Cathedral during conservation work.

Dean of St David’s, the Very Revd Richard Humphrey, said: “There is no greater symbol of unity in the Christian Church than the Cross of Jesus so we are grateful for the gift of a Canterbury Cross. We pray that it will encourage us to work for unity within the Church and the Communion as we serve our Saviour”.

Mr Reeve and the Archbishop of Melbourne, the Most Revd Philip Freier are presented with the Canterbury Cross by Dean of Canterbury Cathedral, the Very Revd Dr Robert Willis and Cathedral stonemason Steve Manuel.

Image 03
Cathedral Stonemason Steve Manuel with the Canterbury Cross


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