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Cathedral bathed in candle light for the annual Christingle Service

Cathedral bathed in candle light for the annual Christingle Service

The Children’s Society held their annual Christingle Service in the Cathedral on Monday 28 December at 15:00.

The Nave of the Cathedral was packed as children and their families came together from all over the Diocese of Canterbury for this inspiring Service.

For well over twenty years, this annual Service has traditionally been held in the Cathedral on Holy Innocents’ Day. Children from Sibertswold Church of England Primary School at Shepherdswell took a major part in the Service this year with their theme of “Everyone is Special”. The Reverend Canon Caroline Pinchbeck gave the address and the Lord Mayor of Canterbury, the Sheriff of Canterbury and the Chairman of Dover District Council attended the Service.

The Christingle is a custom of the Moravian church and originated in 1747 and was introduced to the Church of England by The Children’s Society in 1968. It quickly became a popular children’s service and it is estimated that over half a million children take part in services across England each year.

Children coming to the service receive a Christingle which consists of an orange, representing the world, wrapped around with a red ribbon indicating the love and blood of Christ, a display of fruits and sweets which are symbols of God’s creation and a candle symbolising Jesus as the light of the world who brings hope to people living in darkness. It is estimated that 350 Christingles were lit at the Service. The Service helped raise funds for the children which the charity supports.

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