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Grant received for apprentice stonemason training

Grant received for apprentice stonemason training

The Cathedral has received a £22,000 grant from the Freemasons Grand Charity (FGC) for a third consecutive year. This donation supports the employment and training of an apprentice stonemason and the preservation of traditional skills for the future.

Representatives of FGC and Kent Lodges visited the Cathedral to present the cheque, meet the conservation team and get an update on the important North-West Transept restoration project. They were treated to a demonstration of the stonemasons’ skills and even shown how to work stone themselves.

  It is essential to preserve these traditional techniques in order to protect the building for the benefit of future generations. There has been scaffolding up on some part of the structure throughout its 1,000 year history, the work will never stop.

Heather Newton, Head of Conservation

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Representing the FGC, Roger Friend said:

We are delighted to be able to continue our support for the apprentice programme here at the Cathedral. It is wonderful to see the dedication of these talented young people and the progress they have made over the last three years.

Roger Friend


Roger Odd of East Kent Freemasons added:

This important work goes on. We in East Kent, West Kent, Surrey and Sussex have recently announced an appeal to raise £200,000 to support the urgent restoration work needed to the North West Transept.

Roger Odd of East Kent Freemasons



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