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Christmas Carol Services 2015

Christmas Carol Services 2015

Christmas Carol Services Changes

In 2006, a second Cathedral Carol Service was introduced to meet the surge in attendance for the Christmas Eve event. This second Carol Service has been held on 23 December ever since. Both Services are identical but, for Christmas Eve, entry has been by ticket only. The demand for tickets has been heavily oversubscribed every year but, in recent years, a large number of ticket holders have failed to turn up, leaving a significant number of empty seats that cannot be filled at the last moment and denying many people the chance to share in this Christmas act of worship.

For reasons of equity, the Dean & Chapter have decided that for this year seating for both Services will be made available in exactly the same way. Therefore there will be no tickets for the Christmas Eve Carol Service and , apart from 150 seats reserved for the Archbishop, Chapter and the choir, all 1,800 seats will be allocated on a first come, first seated basis, as has been the norm for the Service on 23 December. We appreciate that this will involve a return to queuing on Christmas Eve, but this system is felt to be a fairer way of allowing as many people as possible to attend each Service.

Arrangements have been made for those who are physically unable to queue – please register your name and preferred date with the Cathedral events department via email  



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