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Nina Bilbey

Nina Bilbey

The Royal Statues have been carved by Nina Bilbey. Since 2000 Nina has specialised in stone carving and she is presently the Senior Carving Tutor at the City and Guilds of London Art School.

Nina has an impressive CV; previous commissions include statues for the Hampton Court Flower Show, as well as St. Pancras Station and Saint George’s Chapel, Windsor. Nina has also been involved in many restoration projects across this country and abroad. Projects include the Houses of Parliament, the Royal Pavilion Brighton, and Hereford Cathedral.

Nina doesn’t take her previous success for granted and is the first to say she found the process of carving the Royal Statues terrifying.

“It has been an unbelievable honour to win this prestigious commission” said Nina. “To design two sculptures that will enrich the fabric of this incredible building is a dream come true. I hope I have depicted the royal couple with humanity and regality, and would offer my sincere thanks to the Friends, and the Cathedral community, who put their faith in my abilities. This really has be an incredible jouney”.

The whole process has taken just under two years, but the carving itself has taken six months for both statues. The stone used is Lavoux. It is from the same quarry as Lepine, but a different ‘bed’ or strata. It more closely resembles Caen stone, especially when it is freshly worked


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