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Cathedral to be bathed in candle light in support for The Children’s Society

Cathedral to be bathed in candle light in support for The Children’s Society

The Children’s Society will hold their annual Christingle Service at the Cathedral on Sunday 28 December at 15:00.

The Nave of the Cathedral is expected to be packed as children and their families come together from all over the diocese for this inspiring Service.

For over twenty years, this Service has been held in the Cathedral on Holy Innocents’ Day.

The Christingle is a popular children’s Service and it is estimated that over half a million children take part in the celebration during the traditional period – November to February. An estimated 6,000 Christingle celebrations took place across the country in 2013. Churches from all over the diocese of Canterbury held Christingle Services in aid of the Children’s Society and raised some £25,000 out of the overall total of £1.2 million for vulnerable children.

Image 01The Christingle is a custom of the Moravian church and originated in 1747. It was introduced to the Church of England by The Children’s Society in 1968.

Children coming to the Service receive a Christingle which consists of an orange bearing a candle and a red ribbon and a display of fruits and sweets. It is estimated that 350 Christingles will be lit at the Service. All are welcome to come along to this event to celebrate the story of Jesus and help to raise important funds for the children which the charity supports.

Watch “Get involved in Chrsitingle this year” by the Children’s Society



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