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Project Director for the Canterbury Journey

Project Director for the Canterbury Journey

The Dean and Chapter of Canterbury are delighted to announce the appointment of Mr Mark Hosea as Project Director for the Canterbury Journey.

The Canterbury Journey, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), will achieve a radical transformation in the accessibility and sustainability of Canterbury Cathedral. It will safeguard an iconic building which embodies England’s story, increase the number and expand the number of those who journey to it enriching their experience. Further details of this exciting new chapter in the life of the Cathedral can be found here.

Mark joins the Cathedral with a wealth of experience. Having gained a first class honours in Social and Political Studies (majoring in Politics) from the University of Sheffield, Mark started working for HSBC before a change in career direction led him into property and more specifically regeneration of buildings and areas. This led to Mark working across England, from Newcastle to London, on a variety of projects, moving companies along the way; from Civic Regeneration, to EC Harris, to Lambert Smith Hampton (LSH). At LSH, Mark formalised his 10+ years of experience working in property and regeneration by completing a MSc in Urban Regeneration at Sheffield Hallam University whilst still working, and from that proceeded to become a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), specialising in ‘Planning and Development’.

Mark enjoyed playing many sports, including football, rugby and skiing, all of which have been relegated to past memories after suffering far too many broken bones, the last being a fractured vertebrae and spending many months in recovery. However, whilst recovering from that injury, the opportunity arose to work on the magnificent York Minster, and in particular to become the Project Director of the York Minster Revealed project, a £20million HLF project which is now delivering great benefits to all users of the Minster. Mark was confirmed in November 2013 and married in June 2014 (to Katherine), both in York Minster.

Having delivered the project at York Minster for the past three years, the opportunity arose to develop and deliver The Canterbury Journey, a £19.4million HLF funded project at Canterbury Cathedral.

This was an opportunity and project too good to turn down and so it was a great honour to accept the position as Project Director of The Canterbury Journey. I look forward to working with everyone over the coming years to ensure delivery of the positive benefits of the project, for the long term sustainability and conservation of the fabric of the Cathedral Church and its precincts, as well as the enjoyment by all; be they worshippers, pilgrims, tourists, visitors or other users of any faith or none.

Mark Hosea Project Director of The Canterbury Journey


We are very pleased to welcome Mark into the Cathedral family and look forward to working with him. His arrival shows that the Canterbury Journey really is under way and Mark will have a pivotal role in planning and delivering this very large and complicated Lottery project.

Brig John Meardon, Receiver General of Canterbury Cathedral



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