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National award for ‘Paintings in light’

National award for ‘Paintings in light’

A recently published book exploring the Cathedral’s majestic stained glass, has scooped a major national award.

‘Paintings in Light’, written and designed by Canterbury-based author Martyn Barr and published in association with Canterbury Cathedral, was runner-up in the children’s publication category of the Association for Cultural Enterprises’ 2014 Annual Awards.

The 56-page guide offers a fascinating insight into the history of stained glass and the stunning windows of Canterbury Cathedral. Paintings in Light includes chapters on the history of glass, how stained glass windows are made, the different types of window in the Cathedral and the stories they tell. The book also highlights the work of Canterbury Cathedral’s Stained Glass Studio, which oversees the repair and preservation of the windows. The book costs £5.99. It is available from the Canterbury Cathedral Shop, with £1 per copy sold going towards the Canterbury Cathedral Trust.

 I was surprised and delighted to hear that the book had been entered by the Cathedral and received the ACE Runner-up Award. What was particularly gratifying was the fact that it was competing against entries from many of the top heritage and cultural organisations across the country, including the national museums, art galleries and gardens and major heritage bodies such as the National Trust and English Heritage.

Martyn Barr

Canterbury Cathedral’s Director of Stained Glass, Léonie Seliger, worked with Martyn on the book.

 This is amazing news! Martyn has the gift of seeing things with fresh eyes – and to transmit that sense of discovery and excitement to the reader. The book is filled with unexpected details – sometimes funny, sometimes all too human, and sometimes downright gory – that make you want to get out those binoculars and go on your own journey of exploration through the stained glass.

Léonie Seliger, Director of Stained Glass

Paintings in Light - Martyn BarrMartyn Barr, who is also author of the best-selling ‘Young Person’s History Guide to Canterbury’, is now working on his sixth book – a young person’s guide to the First World War, sponsored by Fenwick and due to be published on 4 August 2014.

‘Paintings in light’ is on sale at £5.99 and is available to purchase through the Cathedral Shop.

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