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Retirement of Mr John Burton MBE as the Surveyor of the Fabric of Canterbury Cathedral.

Retirement of Mr John Burton MBE as the Surveyor of the Fabric of Canterbury Cathedral.

The Dean & Chapter of Canterbury are sorry to announce that, after nearly a quarter of a century in post, Mr John Burton has decided to retire from his appointment as Surveyor of the Fabric to Canterbury Cathedral. He will finish as Surveyor at the end of December 2013, but will continue with other professional work. The Cathedral’s Chapter has started the process of finding a successor for this very significant post.

“In his long service, John has contributed in many ways to the preservation and the enrichment of the Cathedral and the Precincts. He has overseen the great work of cleaning and conserving the eastern end of the Cathedral, most notably and recently the Corona and the South East Transept, both of which reflect his love of careful conservation by preserving the style and ethos of the original structures. His contribution to heritage conservation nationally has been recently recognised by the award of an MBE. John will be 69 next year and sees this as the right time to retire from the Cathedral. We are in a relative lull between projects, and the existing work, such as the great South window, is well in hand. The new Heritage Lottery Fund application is far from finalised but, whatever the outcome, John sees this as a good starting point for a new and younger surveyor”.

The Receiver General of the Cathedral, John Meardon.

Reflecting during the Summer on my decision to retire as Surveyor, I realised that for over 50% of my professional life I have been closely involved with Canterbury Cathedral: almost a third of my life! So you understand this has not been an easy decision – Canterbury Cathedral means a great deal to me. I’m proud to say I leave with the Cathedral leading the way in conservation, as the Mother Church should do. The team which I have been associated with on a weekly basis, are extremely well attuned to caring for this most outstanding building. I fear I will miss the very strong professional relationship that exists amongst the team as much as I will the Cathedral itself and its surrounding Precincts.

The Cathedral’s Surveyor of the Fabric, John Burton.

John Burton joined the practice of Purcell LLP, then known as Purcell Miller Tritton, 42 years ago and has seen the business expand over that time from the small office in Norwich, where he started working, to a business with 14 architectural studios in the UK, one in Hong Kong and with work in the UK, Australia, Antarctica, and the Falklands. John’s plans are to continue to develop this business and provide work and inspiration to the staff. He still has a large portfolio of clients, and will be looking for new work within Purcell.


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