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International Guests

International Guests

As summer approaches we prepare and look forward to providing welcome to a vast variety of international guests.

The Cathedral is a place of pilgrimage and learning and at the start of June we welcomed over 30 ordinands and priests in the early years of ministry from across the Anglican Communion, who came to learn and reflect at the annual ‘Anglican Pilgrimage’ conference.

The conference focuses on the rich traditions of cultures and contexts of mission and ministry in the Anglican Communion. Guided by an international faculty, students are encouraged to share their own experiences of the Anglican Communion and reflect on these against the background of the life and worship of the Cathedral.

This year, the annual educational programme was run for the first time by Canon Librarian Christopher Irvine; at his side and in her ninth year, was canonical secretary Cathi Martin.

The course has been described as ‘inspirational’ and has been championed by many Bishops from across the world-wide Anglican Communion. Deaconess Eldah Katoto, from Western Tanganyika, Tanzania, explained how important her time at the Cathedral had been.

It is my first time here in England. I work at a bible college and to be able to go home and talk with confidence about the Cathedral and Lambeth Palace is going to be amazing. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience; to share our experiences of ministry and to make new friends has been an honour.

Deaconess, Eldah Katoto, from Western Tanganyika, Tanzania

In July our Choir will take a well-deserved rest and we look forward to welcoming in their place several visiting choirs, from both here and abroad.

July will also see the return the International Children’s Choir Festival, which will bring 11 choirs from Canada, USA and China. A total of 333 singers will come to the Cathedral to sing under Dr David Flood and Prof Henry Leck, America’s top children’s choir expert. They will take part in a variety of workshops and performances.

In addition to five mass choir rehearsals and individual choir workshops with each conductor, the choirs will present individual solo recitals in the Cathedral at noon each day and as a combined choir will sing Evensong on Thursday, 25th July, as well as a free evening concert in the Cathedral Quire at 19.30 hrs on 26th July. The Festival will end in London with a combined Final Concert at Southwark Cathedral on 29th July with the Virtuosi of London Orchestra.

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