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Spot the difference

Spot the difference

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It was a moving moment when the 351 year old Christ Church gates were removed for renovation but in what seemed like the blink of an eye the temporary ones were up and from a distance it was quite hard to spot the difference. It was an exercise that generated much media interest and was carried out with military precision.

The work has been decided following a detailed survey of the wooden gates using the latest technology of laser surveying which permits the production of three dimensional drawings to aid carving. The three gates, the two main entrance gates – one with a night gate, and a pedestrian gate have been temporarily removed and maintained in a similar environment whilst missing wood work, carved detail and iron fixing pins are replicated and fixed to the doors. The doors will then be re-oiled to enliven the wood work. The work will also include a full report on the archaeology of the gates.

This project is the start of a bigger project to refurbish the whole gate and further work will be required to the carved masonry in the near future, and is being generously sponsored by the Friends of Canterbury Cathedral

The gallery and video below shows some of the images and footage from the removal and their ongoing restoration.


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