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The Massacre at Paris

The Massacre at Paris

Christopher Marlowe’s play The Massacre at Paris will be staged by candlelight and performed as part of the Marlowe450 Celebration – celebrating 450 years since the birth of the acclaimed playwright.

Massacre once meant a butcher’s block. In 1572, Paris streets flowed with Protestant blood and this meaning changed forever.

Christopher Marlowe’s Canterbury swelled with Huguenot refugees; but as they sought sanctuary in the Cathedral Crypt, murder carved a second course of sweet revenge. Now, the Crypt welcomes Marlowe’s rough propaganda and a brutal spectacle. Events defining Christopher Marlowe’s early life echo through this butchered and bloody work.

There will also be an accompanying first night talk from best-selling author Louis de Bernieres (Captain Corelli’s Mandolin) with newsreader and Assistant Cathedral Guide, Jan Leeming. Click here for more information.

Tickets from the Marlowe Theatre or call Box Office on 01227 787787.
The productions are suitable for 14yrs+

image of the Cathedral
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