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Talk: Sweetness and Light: Bees, Wax, and Honey

Talk: Sweetness and Light: Bees, Wax, and Honey

Terrie Chrones, food historian and member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, returns to talk to Friends about the importance of bees, wax, and honey with examples of art, images, and culinary history, including texts from the Cathedral Library.

Bees are vital to humans: as producers of honey, pollinators of crops, and providers of wax; vital contributions from antiquity to today. Bee-keeping and Monasticism have a long history of working together. Here in Canterbury, the appeal of bee keeping was closely tied to the ways of life of the monk, influencing diet, medicine, and even commerce. Bees operate as a close knit community in which each bee has a special task that is for the good of the group. Much like monastic life, the bees are devoted to their community and work together.

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