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Saying Goodbye Service

Saying Goodbye Service

Families united in grief.

Families who have suffered the pain of baby loss at any stage of pregnancy, birth or in infancy are invited to join a special service on Saturday 6th July at 11.30 at Canterbury Cathedral in the Chapel of our Lady Undercroft.

Organised by the Saying Goodbye charity, The Saying Goodbye services, are the first set of national commemorative services to take place in Cathedrals and Minsters across the UK, with this being the inaugural service to be held at Canterbury Cathedral. They are intended to help families pay tribute to their lost babies and provide an opportunity for people to say goodbye.

The service at Canterbury will feature music, poetry and readings, mixed with acts of remembrance and time for reflection. The service is free to attend and open to anyone of any faith or no faith.

The Saying Goodbye services were established by Staffordshire couple Zoe and Andy Clark-Coates, who have lost five children through miscarriage.

We decided to take the pain of loss and create an organisation that could help others who have previously, or are currently going through the grief of losing a baby, the aim of our charity The Mariposa Trust is to help support those who have suffered the pain of losing a child at any stage. The Saying Goodbye services are there for parents, family and friends who have lost to pay tribute and remember their cherished child.

Zoe Clark-Coates

The organisation was set up in 2012 and saw seven Saying Goodbye services taking place in the UK including York Minster and St Paul’s Cathedral. 2013 will see even more services taking place across the country including Canterbury, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Exeter and York. Plans are also in place to hold the first International Saying Goodbye service in the United States.

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