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Festival of Ideas

Festival of Ideas


A Festival of Ideas:


Today is the second day of the Festival of Ideas – a joint partnership between the University of Kent and the Cathedral.

Artists, architects and historians involved in teaching and studying at the University have put together a two day programme including evening talks, walks, workshops and all-day exhibitions.

Hundreds came along to Monday evening’s events which included helium-filled balloons being released in the Crypt and a talk and illumination depicting how Britain’s first Gothic building was once adorned in splendid colours.

A huge  map of Canterbury – copied from one made in the 1600s – is spread out on the Chapter House floor. As visitors walk round on the map they can stop at listening posts and hear the stories of people who lived in the city 400 years ago. The stories have been created from the testimony of legal cases uncovered in the Cathedral Archive.

Canon Christopher Irvine is pictured  looking at the map with Dr Catherine Richardson and Avril Leach from the University of Kent.

The festival is open to all and it is hoped that the ideas and approach to some of the subjects will involve the audience in discovering little known aspects of the Cathedral.

The programme includes:

  • Secret Saints, a walking trail that, by looking at tombs, inscriptions and stained glass, will reveal the stories and symbols behind the hidden and unexpected saints of Canterbury Cathedral
  • Resounding Voices, a concert in the Crypt combining Chinese songs and blues rhythms in an exploration of sound
  • Illuminating the Past, a light projection and talk that will reveal how Britain’s first Gothic building was once adorned in splendid colours.
  • Ypres to Canterbury, a panoramic photograph taken at Buffs Road Cemetery in Ypres, France, brings the Western Front to the Bastion Chapel in the Cathedral’s Memorial Garden.

More details about the festival  here.



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