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Church music keynote speech

‘The Speech of Angels’ or ‘The Brandy of the Damned’? Music as Moral Landscape in Nineteenth-Century British Culture by Professor Rachel Cowgill.

Starting from contrasting statements of music’s worth by Thomas Carlyle (1852) and George Bernard Shaw (1903), the keynote speech of a Church Music Conference explores how music was used by Victorians to define the moral character of space and place in the urban environment.  It also explores Victorian ideas of music as moral topography in and of itself – as a landscape to be traversed in the imagination – and the impact of such notions on the cultivation, presentation, and reception of musical performance in nineteenth-century Britain.

Tickets are £5 and can be booked through the website link above.

More information here about the conference (20-23 June 2017) at Canterbury Christ Church University being organised by David Newsholme, assistant organist at Canterbury Cathedral and Chris Price, senior lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University and Cathedral lay clerk.

image of the Cathedral
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