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Cathedral Discovery Week

Cathedral Discovery Week
Location: All events start from Schools Department
Price: Free. Normal precinct charges apply.
Booking Information Booking not required but limited spaces offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Discover some of the Cathedral’s many secrets and treasures through a creative and interactive exploration of the architecture, historic collections, spaces and gardens.

Monday 21 August: Herbs, herbals and horrible ailments.
Take part in a sensory investigation of the herbs grown in the Cathedral herb garden. Create your own ‘Herbals’ journal to record your findings and see what horrible ailments monks would have cured with everyday herbs.

Tuesday 22 August: I spy: What’s in the stained glass windows?
Create artworks as you are inspired by the colours and designs of the stained glass at Canterbury Cathedral. Create drawings, paintings and stained glass images to tell your story just like those in the 800 year old windows.

Wednesday 23 August: Mythical beasts, gargoyles and other creatures.
Where can you find mythical beasts, gargoyles and other creatures? At Canterbury Cathedral! Use our map trail to go on a gargoyle hunt before you make your very own creature to take home. Bring binoculars if you have them so you can spy the beasts that look down from the top of the Cathedral.

Thursday 24 August: Stone, carving and mark making.
Try your hand at carving stone just like the stone masons working on Canterbury Cathedral have been for hundreds of years. Learn about the marks, or signatures, each stone mason creates for their work and design your own before trying to spot others in the Cathedral walls.

Friday 25 August: Herbs, medieval medicine and miracles.
Using the herbs and plants found in Canterbury Cathedral’s gardens you can create your own ‘Herbal’- a book that contains illustrations and information about plants and herbs and how they were used for medicine. Make your own book and fill it with creative herb inspired art.

Suitable for all ages and accessible. Booking not required but limited spaces offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
All events are free, but Precincts charges apply. All events start in the Schools Department.

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