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Anthony Warner: In conversation with Xanthe Clay

Anthony Warner: In conversation with Xanthe Clay
Location: The Cathedral Lodge
Price: £10.50
Booking Information Booking Required Canterbury Festival Talks take place in Canterbury Cathedral Lodge, within the Cathedral Precincts. The Cathedral Lodge bar will be open 30 minutes prior to the talk. Books will be on sale at the venue.
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It is when people lie about food that the anger bubbles over. Whether it is the latest celebrity diet guru, fitness blogger or self-appointed nutrition expert, Anthony Warner – aka the Angry Chef – asks: ‘What does this really mean?’

Using insight from psychiatrists, behavioural economists, food scientists and dieticians, Warner unravels why sensible, intelligent people are so easily taken in by the latest fads, giving us the tools to spot pseudoscience for ourselves. Interviewed by Telegraph food columnist Xanthe Clay, this promises to be an explosive event.

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