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Virtual Becket Pilgrimage

Join our clergy on this Virtual Becket Pilgrimage through Canterbury Cathedral as we prepare, week by week, for the 850th anniversary of Becket’s martyrdom on the 29th December 2020.

Episode One: Beginning the journey (the Nave)

Join Archdeacon Jo in the Nave of the Cathedral for the first part of the journey

Episode Two: Letting go (The Martyrdom Chapel)

Join the Cathedral’s Precentor, the Revd Max Kramer, from The Martyrdom Chapel

Episode Three: Rest In Peace (Eastern Crypt at the site of Becket’s tomb)

Join the Cathedral’s Canon Treasurer, Canon Andrew Dodd, in the Eastern Crypt at the site of Becket’s tomb.

Episode Four: Uphill (The Pilgrim Steps)

Join the Cathedral’s Canon Missioner, Canon Emma Pennington, at the pilgrims steps, leading to the site of Becket’s shrine.

Episode Five: The Blessing of Christ (Becket shrine)

Join Dean Robert at the site of Becket’s shrine.

Episode Six: Crown of glory (The Corona Chapel)

Join Canon Tim in the Corona Chapel for the final part of the virtual pilgrimage.

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