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Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes

A reading by The Dean

Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes is Robert Louis Stevenson’s story of his “pilgrimage”, made alone, with Modestine the donkey he bought to carry his luggage for the twelve day walk across valleys and mountains in the South of France in 1878.

Stevenson’s notebook involves reflections on the various characters he meets in villages, inns and even a monastery, and he muses on how the religious wars of the past have shaped the communities and individuals he encounters. The journey, as one would expect with Stevenson, is beautifully described – as is the character of Modestine!

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Part One: Velay

Chapter 1 – The Donkey, the Pack, and the Pack-Saddle

Chapter 2 – The Green Donkey-Driver

Chapter 3 – I Have a Goad

Part Two: Upper Gévaudan

Chapter 4 – A Camp in the Dark

Chapter 5 – Cheylard and Luc

Part Three: Our Lady of the Snows

Chapter 6 – Father Apollinaris

Chapter 7 – The Monks

Chapter 8 – The Boarders

Part Four: Upper Gévaudan (continued)

Chapter 9 – Across the Goulet

Chapter 10 – A Night among the Pines

Part Five: The Country of the Camisards

Chapter 11 – Across the Lozère

Chapter 12 – Pont de Montvert

Chapter 13 – In the Valley of the Tarn

Chapter 14 – Florac

Chapter 15 – In the Valley of the Mimente

Chapter 16 – The Heart of the Country

Chapter 17 – The Last Day

Chapter 18 – Farewell, Modestine!


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