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The English Mystics: their relevance for us today

A short video series by Canon Missioner, The Revd Dr Emma Pennington

Following on from the series Julian of Norwich: a medieval take on lockdown and how to survive it, this 6-part series focuses on the unique group of devotional writers at the end of the fourteenth century called The English Mystics. Each wrote from a different background and perspective but all spoke to a burgeoning lay audience about the life of faith and prayer. This series outlines who they are as a group and what their individual lives and writings have to say to us today which can be surprising relevant and rewarding.

Episode One: Who are the English Mystics?

Episode Two: Richard Rolle 1290-1349

Episode Three: Walter Hilton

Episode Four: Julian of Norwich

Episode Five: Margery Kemp

Episode Six: The Cloud of Unknowing

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