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College of Canons

College of Canons

The College of Canons is composed of Honorary, Lay and Provincial Canons appointed by the Archbishop and it supports the life of the Cathedral in many different ways.

The College of Canons Members:


  • The Very Reverend Dr Robert Willis, Dean
  • Cdre Martin Atherton, Receiver General
  • Canon Clare Edwards
  • The Reverend Canon Tim Naish
  • The Ven Jo Kelly-Moore, Canterbury
  • The Ven Philip Down, Ashford
  • Mr William Pettit
  • Mrs Janice Reid
  • Mrs Caroline Spencer


  • The Right Reverend Trevor Wilmott, Dover
  • The Right Reverend Jonathan Goodall, Ebbsfleet
  • The Right Reverend Norman Banks, Richborough

Honorary Canons

  • The Reverend Sarah Chapman
  • The Reverend Steve Coneys
  • The Reverend John Corbyn
  • The Reverend Sheila Cox
  • The Reverend Patrick Ellisdon
  • The Reverend Robin Gill
  • The Reverend Lindsay Hammond
  • The Reverend Arthur Houston
  • The Reverend Stephen Lillicrap
  • The Reverend Caroline Pinchbeck
  • The Reverend John Rees
  • The Reverend Mark Roberts
  • The Reverend David Roper
  • The Reverend Andrew Sewell
  • The Reverend Joss Walker
  • The Reverend Timothy Wilson
  • The Reverend Barney de Berry
  • The Reverend Seth Cooper

Honorary Lay Canons

  • Mr Raymond Harris
  • Mrs Val Wallis
  • Mr Julian Hills
  • Mrs Rosemary Walters
  • Mr Peter Roberts
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