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At the turn of the 17th century Venice remained at the height of its glory. Its prosperity had been founded upon controlling the trade routes between the Eastern Mediterranean and Europe. Dominated by an entrenched aristocracy, it was governed by an annually-elected chief magistrate, the Doge, drawn from one of leading families.

The city had become a leading centre of finance and trade, the arts, crafts, and printing.

It is hardly surprising that the city attracted many visitors. However, a dispute with the papacy, followed shortly afterwards by a prolonged war with the Ottoman Empire, undermined that prosperity of this once great republic during the second half of the 17th century.

In fact, Bargrave visited the city shortly after these hostilities had commenced. In his catalogue Bargrave tells us nothing about the city itself other than the objects that he acquired there which clearly fascinated him a great deal.

General image of City Plan of Venice from 'A New Voyage to Italy'

General image of City Plan of Venice from 'A New Voyage to Italy'

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