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General image of mineral stone B20ii

Mineral stone

One of Bargrave's stops in the county of Tyrol was the town named Hall. Hall is located several miles from the city of Innsbruck. Innsbruck was a major commercial centre, linking northern and southern Europe, and was the easiest route for through the Alps.

It was here that he went down a mine 'droven in a wheelbarrow almost 2 miles under ground, to see the labourers there in the gold and silver mines belonging to the Archduke of that country'. It would have made perfect sense for Bargrave to pass along this way as he journeyed into or out of Italy. The geological aspects of the Rhaetian Alps which linked Italy to Austria also fascinated Bargrave as he travelled along.

As he made his way through he observed “Severall rude pieces of mountain chrystall, as they grow sexangular always amongst the Alps…One would wonder that nature should so counterfeit art”. He was able to obtain several pieces from a street vendor in Italy.

Bargrave was also sold another piece of mountain crystal by a 'Montecolian man' who risked his life to gather them from inaccessible places. In addition to the regions geology, the fauna of the Alps caught Bargrave's eyes, particularly the mountain goats that clambered over the mountains. Although he referred to them as goats they are in fact a separate species on their own.

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