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Leather Boots

Leather Boots

One pair of long red leather boots with soft soles. The uppers are folded in narrow concertina folds. There is a decoration of blind lines across the instep and up the ankle; the foot upper is sewn along a line of curving scrolled decor across the ankle and instep. The sole is a teardrop shape, being very narrow at the heel. Blind lines decorate the top at the knee. They are described by Bargrave as part of a small collection of footwear, "a pair of red leather pleyted buskins and 2 pairs of sleepers, with iron on the soles, such as the great ones- the Bashaes, the Agaas, the Yabashawes, and Bulgabashaes- wear at Argeers [Algiers]".

Leather Boot detail

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