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Native American necklace

Native American necklace

This neck ornament is part of a set of porcupine quill jewellery given to Bargrave as a gift of thanks from Timothy Couley, one of the 162 slaves freed after Bargrave's bargaining with the Dey of Algiers and the payment of "10,000lb of hierarchical money, for that purpose". They were considered by Bargrave to have come from north-west America or the West Indies. In fact, they probably came from the Cree tribe on the south of Hudsonís Bay. The necklace consists of 12 lengths of twisted cord, reddish brown in colour, laid side by side. They have been bound at each end with coloured vegetable fibre and joined by a strip of leather. The ornament then continues at each end as a panel of red, brown and white plant fibre-wrapped in coloured plant material, to within about 47mm of the ends. The ornament is apparently designed to hang around the neck with the panels and tassels at the front, tied by the two thongs so that the panels lie side by side.

Native American necklace detail

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