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Horns, seen from the front

A pair of Chamois horns obtained as Bargrave travelled through the Alps, visiting locations such as Tyrol. The Chamois are adapted to living in rugged, rocky terrain. Bargrave acquired several examples and in his catalogue describes them as "Several pairs of horns of the wild mountain goats which the High Dutch call "gemps", the Italians "camuchi", the French "shammois", from whence we have that leather. I had them amongst the Alps, the people telling me strange stories of the creature, what strange leaps they would take amongst the crags of the rocks, and how, to break a fall, they will hang by the horns, and, when they have taken breath, they unhook themselves and take another leap at a venture, and sometimes they will have great falls without any hurt, they still lighting upon their horns. Some of these horns are polished, and serve for several uses".

Horns, seen from the side

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