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Confetti Di Tivoli

This is a small oval box containing Tiber "gravel" known as "Confetti Di Tivoli”. Confetti can be translated as "uncountable" and has come to be used to describe a large quantity of small items. Bargrave’s describes them in his catalogue as "Confetti di Tivoli, a box full of sugar plums of the town of old Tybur, now called Tivoli. They seem to be so like sugar plums that they will deceive any man that only seeth them, especially when the counterfeit amand and muske comfeits, made out of the same materials, are mixed amongst them. But the things themselves are nothing but the gravel or sand of the river Teverone, that runneth by Tyvoly [10 miles from Rome], and entreth into the river of Tybur. The plumms are of a chaunchy or brimstony matter".

Fake sugar plums, "Confetti Di Tivoli"

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