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Portrait of Dr John Bargrave

Portrait of Dr John Bargrave

In this website we have provided you with an introduction to the objects collected by one particular 17th century traveller, Dr John Bargrave, a former canon of Canterbury Cathedral. Bargrave led a fascinating, eventful life which you will find reflected in the materials on the pages of this site. Not only can you read about Bargrave and his life, you can read about his travels around Europe and North Africa and view some of the fascinating objects he acquired at some of the places he visited along the way and which were placed into his ‘cabinets of curiosity’.

Should reading this website inspire you to find out more about early museums and collecting, a page of further reading and useful links has been also provided. Furthermore, if you are also a teacher you might like to use the Bargrave-inspired education packs to encourage your students to explore some of the ideas surrounding museums and collecting through the specially-designed education packs.

We hope you enjoy discovering more about Canterbury Cathedral’s John Bargrave Collection.

Dr Malcolm Mercer

Canterbury Cathedral Archives