Featured images from a wealth of manuscripts, printed books and objects provide a fascinating insight into the treasures of the Canterbury Cathedral Library.

In August 2012, the Cathedral Library and the University of Kent’s Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS) launched Picture This, a new and exciting collaborative project, designed to reveal some of the Library’s treasures.

Picture This is the brainchild of Cathedral Librarian, Karen Brayshaw, and PhD student and Associate Lecturer at the University of Kent, Jayne Wackett. The project will be a monthly item, available here on the Cathedral’s website. It will feature an image taken from one of the Library’s gems and will be accompanied by a descriptive article, written by a student or researcher at the University. “We hope that Picture This will reveal some of the treasures hidden within the Cathedral Library” said Cathedral Librarian Karen Brayshaw; “Our aim is to make items from our collections more widely available and provide an awareness, both of some of symbolism and meaning within the images, and of their historical significance.”

Picture This will not only allow the public an enhanced insight into the Library, it will also provide valuable study opportunities, using original sources, for postgraduate students from MEMS, and visiting European PhD scholars from the Text and Event in Early Modern Europe project.

Picture This is a wonderful testimony to the partnership that exists between the University and the Cathedral. MEMS really values this special relationship which allows students first-hand access to the Cathedral’s treasures. It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to offer on Masters and PhD courses. This new venture means that access to some hidden gems is made easier for absolutely everyone, which is fantastic.

Jayne Wackett, University of Kent

Check back here each month for a new glimpse into the hidden gems of the library.