Be a part of the Cathedral Community

The Cathedral relies heavily on its team of volunteers to provide a warm Ministry of Welcome to its many worshippers and visitors. Volunteering at the Cathedral can be extremely rewarding, whether you contribute as a Flower Arranger, ‘Holy Duster’, Bellringer, Steward, Sunday Club Assistant or Cathedral Guide / Welcomer / Chaplain.

Volunteering for the Visits Department

Before the Reformation in 1540, the Cathedral was a community of Benedictine monks. One of the Benedictine rules was to welcome all visitors as if you were welcoming Christ himself.

We continue to welcome visitors according to this Benedictine rule and our staff, volunteer Assistants, Welcomers, Guides, Treasury Custodians and Chaplains are responsible for offering our visitors a high quality experience and warm welcome.

We run an annual training course for new Visits’ Volunteers from January to April.

If you are interested, please contact the Visits Office:

 Tel: +44 (0) 1227 762862


I am a Volunteer Guide at the Cathedral and this gives me the opportunity to share with the visitors and pilgrims many of the delights that this ancient and most holy place has secreted amongst its stones.
I am also a Welcomer and therefore often the first to engage with visitors and pilgrims, which is a huge privilege.

Guide and Welcomer, Mrs Patricia Jukes


Other Volunteers

It is not just in visitor welcome that volunteers are involved.

Bellringing at Canterbury Cathedral has been a tradition for centuries. Read here about the bells and how to become a bellringer.

The Holy Stitchers help, amongst other things, to maintain the beautiful vestments worn by the clergy.

The Holy Dusters help the Vesturer’s department clean the Cathedral.

The members of the Flower Group arrange magnificent floral displays, excelling themselves on special occasions such as the Enthronement of the Archbishop and the Royal Maundy Service.

The thriving Sunday School is also run by voluntary helpers.

Contact Us

Please contact the Cathedral if you are interested in becoming a Cathedral Volunteer.

 Tel: +44 (0) 1227 762862